County fire officer gets Queen’s birthday honour

Martyn Emberson
Martyn Emberson

Northamptonshire’s chief fire officer, Martyn Emberson, has been awarded the Queen’s Fire Service Medal.

He said he believed the award recognised the work the service has carried out to prevent fires, which has seen the number of call-outs attended each year drop by 50 per cent since 2006.

He said: “It’s incredible, I’m just stunned and truly honoured.

“But this is an award for the whole fire service, not just me.

“To have everything we’ve done over the past few years recognised like this just leaves me lost for words.

“It shows the Government and others have seen the major steps forward the service has made in the last five to six years in terms of public safety and with modernising our fire fighting capabilities.

“To also have that recognition of my leadership leaves me lost for words.”