COUNTY ELECTIONS: Wellingborough area

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All of the Wellingborough area seats have now been declared.

Conservative candidate Graham Lawman has held the Croyland & Swanspool ward.

The Tories have also made a gain in the Brickhill & Queensway ward, with Jonathan Ekins elected.

The Finedon ward remains in Conservative hands, with Gill Mercer elected.

Earls Barton has also remained Tory with Robert Gough winning.

Wellingborough Council leader Martin Griffiths is now a county councillor too, retaining the Irchester ward which the Conservatives held previously.

The Conservatives have held on to Hatton Park, with Malcolm Waters winning.

Graham Lawman, winner of Croyland and Swanspool, said: ”I am very happy because I was very nervous.

“The main thing is to support the residents and to help the community here.

“There are several responsibilities but hopefully I will be able to continue with them and continue to help them.”

Jonathan Ekins, winner of Brickhill and Queensway, said: “What can I say, I am really pleased.

“It’s good that I can use my role on Wellingborough Council in conjunction with this one.

“I want to make improvements to infrastructure, social care and schools.

“I just want to improve Wellingborough for the better.”

Earls Barton winner Rob Gough said: “I’m just really humbled by the amount of support people have in me, it’s fantastic.

“I have a few things [I want to work on], road conditions and getting the Isham bypass built.

“That’s going to be my big effort for the next four years.”

Irchester winner Martin Griffiths said: “It’s been hard work, we started in January and we have worked as a team.

“I’m very pleased to have won.

“One thing that was clear when we were knocking on doors was that people were very happy with the work of Wellingborough Council.

“I want that to be the same with the Irchester division of Northants County Council.”

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