COUNTY ELECTIONS: Kettering area

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Here they are – your Kettering area county councillors for the next four years.

Bill Parker (Con) has held the Clover Hill ward in Kettering.

Allan Matthews has been re-elected in Desborough for the Tories, and Christina Smith-Haynes has also taken the Burton and Broughton ward for the Conservatives from independent member Christopher Groome.

The Conservatives have also held Rothwell and Mawsley, with Jim Hakewill re-elected.

Scott Edwards has retained the Wicksteed and St Michael’s ward for the Tories.

Labour have clung on to the Windmill ward, with Eileen Hales seeing off young Tory Ollie Wyeth after a recount.

The Ise ward has remained in Tory hands, with Victoria Perry elected.

And Northall stays Labour, just, with Mick Scrimshaw voted back in.

Clover Hill winner Bill Parker said: “I am relieved and I am proud that I will be representing Clover Hill for another four years.

“It’s a very diverse division so the needs are completely different.

“One thing we need is a community centre.

“I want to pull the community together.”

Allan Matthews, winner in Desborough, said: “I was worried that there would be a conflict between the fact that I am chairman of Desborough Town Council.

“Some of the public do not understand the difference.

“I was not able to do much canvassing this year but I am very happy to have won.

“It was a good clean fight.”

Mick Scrimshaw, winner in Northall, by just 30 votes, said: “I am delighted.

“Clearly it’s not been the best election nationally for Labour and I am pleased that the swing didn’t affect me.

“I expected to lose in all honesty.”

Cllr Scrimshaw added that he will stand down if elected as Kettering’s MP next month.

He said: “Being an MP is a full-time 24/7 job.

“I wouldn’t stand down in the first month as I think people are a bit electioned out at the minute but I would stand down.”

Scott Edwards, Wicksteed winner, said: “I am really pleased, I had a clear majority and I’m thankful that people are putting their faith in me.

“I really want to do all of the things that need sorting - mainly schools and children’s centres.

“I want to make sure that people are listened to.”

Jim Hakewill, who held on to Rothwell and Mawsley, said: “I’m absolutely delighted and very appreciative of the support of the people across the town.

“In the next four years I want to try and make sure that we get some logical planning as the housing growth increases and the pressure on our roads grows.

“I want to make sure that local Government is listening to people.”

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