COUNTY ELECTIONS: East Northants area

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East Northants has remained true blue after this year’s county council elections.

The Conservatives have held Irthlingborough, Higham Ferrers and Oundle.

Council leader Heather Smith has held Oundle, while Glenn Harwood won in Higham.

Sylvia Hughes has been returned as the councillor for Irthlingborough.

Rushden South and Rushden Pemberton West have both been retained by the Tories, as has Raunds.

The winner in Rushden South is Andy Mercer, while Michael Tye won Rushden Pemberton West and Dudley Hughes was re-elected for Raunds.

Thrapston has been held by the Conservatives, with Wendy Brackenbury re-elected.

Heather Smith said: “It feels euphoric to win. All news has been incredibly good news all morning.

“A lot of candidates worked incredibly hard they deserve to do well.

“There are 57 seats in the county, let’s try and go for 40, that’s my little target really.”

Irthlingborough winner Sylvia Hughes said: “I’m relieved, it’s been a lot of hard work.

“But with anything in life if you put the work in and get the result it’s great.

“I think a particular focus on health and social care should be made.

“The integration of health work and social care is something the county council can do.”

Andy Mercer, winner of Rushden South, said: “I’m absolutely exhausted, it’s been a lot of hard work.

“We had three very marginal seats and we won all three of them.

“My top priority is, for example, just last week I had someone come to me who was about to have their home repossessed and someone who was about to have the bailiffs come in.

“We have our projects like Rushden Lakes but the day job is if someone comes to you with a problem, you solve them.”

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