County crackdown on alcohol-related violence

Police are cracking down on alcohol-related violence in the county
Police are cracking down on alcohol-related violence in the county

Officers are stepping up their crackdown on alcohol-related violence as part of Operation Challenge’s high impact initiative throughout September.

A robust approach is being taken with those who have had too much to drink and put themselves at risk or behave in an aggressive or violent way in the county.

Sergeant Sally Trattle, from Operation Challenge, said: “People who are drunk are significantly more likely to become either a victim or offender of crime and this applies to people who binge drink over the weekend evenings in our town centres.

“We will not tolerate violence and are using the various powers and legislation at our disposal to re-establish acceptable standards of behaviour.

“We want to ensure that people out on the town can enjoy their evening without it being marred by the behaviour of others.

“However, those that cross the line may well find their evening out ends up not as planned by finding themselves in a cell.”

Operation Challenge has been running a media campaign on Facebook and Twitter to both offer safety advice and highlight the consequences of becoming involved in violence.

Those arrested, where appropriate, will be offered a referral to DAARS (The Drug and Alcohol Referral Scheme).

Sgt Trattle added: “We want people to stop and think about their behaviour before it escalates and will take robust action if it does.

“The message is that it really isn’t worth it.”