County councillor joins UKIP

Councillor Alan Pote who has joined UKIP
Councillor Alan Pote who has joined UKIP

County Councillor Alan Pote, who has represented Rothwell for the last two terms, has joined the United Kingdom Independence Party after serving recently as an independent.

He is the second councillor in Northamptonshire to join the party after Cllr Jonathan Bullock of Kettering Council signed up in September.

Cllr Pote said, “I have been very impressed by the policies and personalities in UKIP. Their parliamentary candidate in Corby, Margot Parker, is running an impressive campaign on the issues that matter to people.

“Meanwhile their candidate for the police and crime commissioner in Northamptonshire, Jim MacArthur, has the exact experience necessary for the role, being both a former member of the SAS and a former police special constable.

“As a former serviceman myself I appreciate his qualities. I will also enjoy working again with Councillor Bullock. He and I were on the cabinet of Kettering Council together a few years ago and we worked well together.”

Cllr Pote was welcomed by MEP Roger Helmer who joined UKIP earlier in the year.

He said: “This just shows how UKIP is growing locally - membership is up and our votes are up at elections we contest.”