County consultation on health and well-being

County residents are being asked for their views on health and well-being
County residents are being asked for their views on health and well-being

Residents are being urged to have their say on what health and well-being means to them as part of a public consultation launched this week.

The consultation will gather feedback on a draft health and well-being strategy which has been developed to set out how local organisations will be working together to achieve meaningful, healthier, longer lives for the people of Northamptonshire.

The draft strategy aims for Northamptonshire to be recognised as a national centre of excellence in the quality of its health and social care and commitment to well-being for the benefit of all by 2015.

To achieve this aim, the strategy is focused around eight key outcomes:

Every child is safe and has the best start in life.

People choose healthier lifestyles and have greater control over their health and well-being.

Vulnerable adult and elderly people are safe and able to use services and support that helps them to live as independently as possible.

Improve the health and well-being of those communities and individuals with the worst health in our county. These communities may be groups of people or certain geographic areas in the county.

Health, social care and public health services worth together in all areas and services are joined up where people have both health and social care needs.

The number of people experiencing emergency care is reduced.

Social enterprises focused on improving health and well-being operate successfully in communities across Northamptonshire.

Led by the NHS and local authorities, employers throughout the county promote the health and well-being of their employees.

The strategy has been drafted jointly between local organisations including Northamptonshire County Council, NHS Corby, Nene Clinical Commissioning Group, Corby Clinical Commissioning Group, the University of Northampton, district and borough councils, Link and the voluntary and community sector.

Together these organisations make up the county’s Health and Wellbeing Board which is hosted by the county council and chaired by Cllr Robin Brown.

Cllr Brown said: “This draft strategy aims to make a real difference to the health and well-being of everyone living in Northamptonshire.

“It sets out how organisations will work together to achieve meaningful, healthier, longer lives for local people, with a focus on eight key areas.

“Our next step is to hear people’s views on what good health and wellbeing means to them, and what areas they think we should work on.

“We will use this feedback to make sure the final strategy reflects what people have told us is important to them.”

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