Counselling service expands after huge rise in demand

Teenage depression, bullying, and self-harm are just some of the reasons why a counselling service is seeing a rapid increase in demand this year.

Kettering Youth Information is a counselling service for 10 to 25-year-olds and is based at the William Knibb Centre, in Kettering.

It has recently branched out to the Connaughty Centre in Corby and launched a website to cope with the demand.

The service offers one-to-one counselling but has gone from seeing about 12 clients a week to about 35, and it has a six-month waiting list.

Service manager Michael Holloway said: “There are many reasons why we’ve seen a rise.

“Perhaps families are becoming more strained with money issues at home.

“Support services have also been axed in local authority cutbacks, and we’ve been promoting ourself too.”

Mr Holloway said that in June, eight young people had come to the service with self-harming issues.

The counselling team is made up of 15 voluntary or paid counsellors and regularly meets with schools to offer group therapy sessions.

The service has helped the likes of Peter, 19, for depression.

He uses counselling to learn to trust others. Born with a disability, he was bullied at school, and his counsellor is working with him to build his self-esteem.

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