Councillors asked to agree to essential maintenance work at Corby swimming pool

Corby swimming pool
Corby swimming pool

Councillors are to be asked to approve essential work and maintenance at Corby’s swimming pool.

Corby East Midlands International Pool opened in July 2009 and with it being a relatively new building, no major works have had to be carried out.

However, a report to be considered by Corby Council’s One Corby Policy Committee at a meeting tonight (Tuesday) will ask members to agree to works which would see some refurbishment work and equipment replaced to keep the facility maintained to a high standard.

If approved, the work will be paid for by the council’s £300,000 pool sinking fund reserve as it is believed that the work required is essential but cannot be covered by the annual maintenance budget for the well-used pool.

Works listed in the report include replacing the sauna furniture in the health suite, replacing the disabled hoist in the pool hall, improvements to reception area including removing the obsolete turnstiles and decoration of the pool’s spectator gallery.

The report states: “Most of the works listed are seen as essential and if not maintained would impact on the possible smooth running of the facility resulting in a reduction in usage and income and even potential closures.”

The recommendation for councillors is to agree to the works as listed in the report’s appendix and to be covered from the £300,000 pool sinking fund reserve.