Councillor will promote reading push

Cllr Joan Kirkbride
Cllr Joan Kirkbride

A senior county politician has given her wholehearted backing to the Get Northants Reading campaign.

Cllr Joan Kirkbride, the chairman of the county council, has vowed to encourage colleagues to do all they can to help improve literacy levels in the county.

She said: “We all know how important reading is for children. If a child leaves primary school not able to read they are doomed to failure at secondary school.

“There’s so much pleasure in being able to pick up a book and read it. If we can instil that we give them a tool for enjoyment in life.”

Cllr Kirkbride presides over council meetings at County Hall and she said she would tell colleagues why they should back the Telegraph’s joint campaign with reading charity Beanstalk.

The charity wants to increase the number of volunteer reading helpers who visit schools to give children one-on-one assistance.

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