Councillor uses bathtub toy to highlight Kettering’s pothole problem

Rosie in a Kettering pothole. Credit: Mick Scrimshaw
Rosie in a Kettering pothole. Credit: Mick Scrimshaw

A Kettering councillor has started snapping some of the town’s worst potholes in a bid to get them repaired – by placing a red rubber duck inside them.

Cllr Mick Scrimshaw, who sits on Kettering Council and Northants County Council, takes Rosie with him whenever he is travelling around the town.

When he spots a pothole he places the duck inside and takes a photo before reporting it to Northamptonshire Highways, and he says it is paying off so far.

Cllr Scrimshaw said: “I saw on social media that someone in Surrey was doing it and thought why not?

“I seem to spend half of my time reporting potholes.

“Everyone thinks it’s great and I’ve had people stopping me in the street and asking what I’m doing.

“Really I’m just trying to highlight the fact that there are so many potholes and they are really affecting our roads.”

In the week since starting his photographic campaign, Cllr Scrimshaw has reported about 25 potholes on roads such as Russell Street, Bowhill, William Street and Roseberry Street.

Cllr Scrimshaw added: “One has been repaired and that happened just two days after and a few more have now got yellow rings around them.

“I’m hoping that more will be repaired soon.

“Once the potholes are reported they [Highways] seem to come out quite quickly.”

To report a pothole, click here.