Councillor keeps his pledge over members’ allowances and supports Wellingborough charity

The garden at Glamis Hall in Wellingborough
The garden at Glamis Hall in Wellingborough

A garden is set to bloom and grow with the help of a councillor who pledged to give the difference from a rise in his allowances to charity.

Earlier this year, members of Wellingborough Council voted to increase their allowances by more than £800 a year.

Cllr Adam Henley has donated �100 towards the garden at Glamis Hall

Cllr Adam Henley has donated �100 towards the garden at Glamis Hall

But the decision wasn’t unanimous with 17 councillors voting in favour, nine against and two abstentions.

Cllr Tim Maguire branded the decision as ‘absolutely disgusting.’

Also unhappy with the rise in members’ allowances was Labour councillor Adam Henley, one of three ward councillors for Queensway in Wellingborough.

He pledged to give the difference to charity and has done just that, giving £100 to Glamis Hall in Wellingborough.

Liz Coombe said: “There was quite a bit of controversy when a majority voted through a rather large increase in the councillor allowances at Wellingborough.

“Some councillors like Adam Henley decided they would give theirs to local causes.

“We were one of the recipients at Glamis and bought four obelisks and two large compost bins so at last we can recycle a lot of our green waste.”

Liz wanted to thank Cllr Henley for his support and said they have planted the obelisks with sweetpeas, tomatoes and some gourds.

And she added: “A lot of the older people who use the hall had gardens and allotments that they can no longer tend so hopefully the runners will bring back nice memories for them.”

She also thanked Cllr Henley on Twitter and he replied, saying: “When I was awarded the councillor pay rise, I pledged I would give the difference to charity.

“This is one of the projects being supported.”

The garden at Glamis Hall has brought a lot of joy to people who go there, and numerous individuals and groups have shown their support for it.

B&Q has donated lots of plants, including pansies which have provided a ‘riot of colour,’ and Liz had help planting these from Jonathan Hornett and Marion Turner-Hawes.

They also have students from Greenfield School in Northampton who help out each week as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award.

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