Council to continue grass cutting cuts

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A COUNCIL will only pay for two highway grass cuts this year.

Members of Kettering Council’s Executive Committee voted on Wednesday to pay for just two cuts this year, which continues the same policy the council has taken with verge maintenance in the last year.

Before that, the council carried out five cuts in a year, but has had to scale it back after a reduction of nearly £50,000 for verge maintenance.

In 2011, the county council reduced the amount of funds available for grass cuts.

Officials at Kettering Council have also revealed they have spoken to Northamptonshire County Council and Corby Council for a long-term arrangement which includes cutting the verges which put people at most risk.

In a report discussed at Wednesday’s meeting, the council revealed that the dry summer last year meant that few complaints were made about the reduction.

But Cllr Ian Jelley said: “If we have a wet spring and summer, it could be a different story.”