Council slams ‘mindless’ yobs

Danny Findlay of 02 is disappointed by the lack of respect shown to the new flower bed
Danny Findlay of 02 is disappointed by the lack of respect shown to the new flower bed

Vandals have damaged a 
Wellingborough town centre feature just days after hundreds of pounds were spent on improving it.

New flowers and plants were planted around the tree in Market Street.

Teenager Danny Findlay approached his employers at the O2 store, nearby the spot in Market Street, for help to fund the renovation.

The 19-year-old was awarded a £300 grant from the Think Big Charity, which is supported by O2. It gives money to support projects undertaken by anyone under 24 which will make a difference to other young people in the area or make a difference for their community. Danny also received a further £100 from Most Wanted Homes towards the project.

But after they spent hours planting the new flowers, Danny and his colleagues returned to work a few days later only to discover some had been pulled up by vandals.

Mark Jones, franchisee of O2 Wellingborough, said: “When Danny came to see me, I was only too happy to help.

“We made sure permission was obtained from the council and put him in touch with the O2 Think Big charity to apply for a community grant.

“He did all the work himself, persuading the rest of the store staff to help out with the planting, and it is great to see someone young wanting to do something positive to help the community. We were gutted when it was vandalised because we spent hours on it and yobs just dug them up.”

Danny also said he was disappointed by the response.

Explaining the inspiration for his project, he said: “The tree just had weeds all around it, it was an eyesore right in the heart of the town centre.

“I wanted to do something about it.

“I wanted to do something for the community and hope it will spur others on to do the same and apply to the Think Big fund for their own projects.”

Ben Clark, O2 Wellingborough store manager, said: “Danny has inspired the rest of us to want to do more Think Big projects, so if there are any community groups or local charities that have an idea for a project and might need a small amount of money, get in touch with me at”