Council’s books aren’t balanced

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Claims by the Labour leadership in Corby that Corby Council has balanced its books (Evening Telegraph, Friday, February 3) are utterly ludicrous.

The reports presented to the One Corby Policy Committee on Tuesday, February 7, show that the authority, which is already £47.4m in debt, is now proposing to borrow a further £71m with a potential cost to the Corby taxpayer in interest payments of £2.3m, while interest payments on the Corby Cube overspend alone cost the borough £175,000 each year.

Meanwhile, Corby’s overspent and over-borrowed council will be cutting £1.6m from local services and shedding up to 12 jobs, all while councillors continue to receive allowances totalling about £175,000 per annum and £1.5m will be set aside just to service the council’s debt.

The council’s suggestion that it has avoided cutting frontline services would be admirable were it correct.

Sadly, when you look beneath the spin and the smoke and mirror tricks, the true extent of the cuts at Corby’s financially discredited local authority become apparent.

In the 2012-13 financial year, Corby Council will be cutting its number of safer community wardens by 33 per cent, reducing funding to the Core theatre by £53,000, scaling back the availability of the Happenin’ Project Play Scheme, and it is even proposing to close the One Stop Shop service one day per week.

In the wake of the Kingswood housing scandal, it is not surprising that people are sceptical about Corby Council’s financial competence, but with yet more complacency over the state of the authority’s budget, when it comes to running our council it is unlikely that the people of Corby will ever trust Labour again.

Cllr David Sims

Cllr Rob McKellar

Cllr Stan Heggs

Cllr Ray Lilley

Corby Council Conservative Group