Council gives update on bin collection backlog

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Wellingborough Council has pledged to do all it can to catch up with bin collections which have fallen behind due to the weather.

The council says refuse crews in Wellingborough have been working hard during the ongoing freezing weather conditions to empty wheelie bins for as many households as possible.

It said the majority of last week’s recycling and garden waste collections were carried out as normal. There were a small number of collections, mainly in rural areas, that the crews were unable to get to due to icy roads, and residents are being advised that if their bin was missed they should take them back inside and present them when the next recycling collection is due.

Bin collections run from Tuesday to Friday, and the week is due to start as normal tomorrow for black bins. Officers have been out today to check on the roads that are due to be collected on Tuesday. The main roads are clear but a number of side roads are more difficult to access because of the snow and ice.

John Casserly, managing director of Wellingborough Norse, the company that carries out environmental services on behalf of the council, said: “The plan at the moment is to send the crews out as normal. They will be instructed to do as much as they can, but they will have to leave any streets that are simply too dangerous. They are driving very big, very heavy trucks and we have to think about pedestrians, parked cars and properties, as well as the crews themselves, when we try and get these trucks down icy and narrow streets. We will do everything we can to empty as many bins as possible this week.”

If the refuse crews are unable to get to any households, the advice for residents is the same as last week. Bins should be taken back off the streets and put out again when their next household waste collection is due. Any additional black bin bags of rubbish will be taken at that stage if they are left next to the bins.

John Casserly added: “The forecast for this week is not looking very promising, so it is unlikely that if we have to leave any streets the conditions will improve enough during the next few days for us to be able to go back for them. If this changes we will of course have another look at the situation, and we will have a record of any bins that were missed.”

Information about any disruptions will be on the council’s website