Council cuts car parking charge to encourage shoppers

Parking charges have changed in Kettering
Parking charges have changed in Kettering

A council has reduced charges for parking to encourage shoppers to stay longer in the town centre.

Kettering Borough Council (KBC) has cut down its two hour charge for parking in the London Road car park, Kettering, from £2.20 to £1.50.

The new rate applies to the London Road car park from Monday to Saturday and on Saturdays in the lower car park next to the council’s main offices.

Shirley Plenderleith, head of environmental health at KBC, said: “We have now implemented a range of measures to provide customers with plenty of choice as to where to park and the price they can pay.

“This new initiative has reduced the cost of parking for up to two hours and customers still have the choice of parking and paying for just one hour in car parks other than London Road if they wish.”

The new reduced charge became active from August 1 and will be in place for a year, before being reviewed to see if has been effective in a bid for people to stay longer in the town centre.

Councillor Derek Zanger, the council’s portolio holder for regneration, said: “We have done this to see if we can increase the amount of passing trade in the southern part of the town.

“We hope it will encourage people to stay longer in town, perhaps try out the range of restaurants and cafes we have and not have to worry about getting back to their cars within the hour.”

The one hour charge has been abolished on the London Road car park, but still exists in all the other council car parks in town, such as Queen Street, School Lane, Wadcroft and Commerical Road, as do the one hour ‘Pop and Shop’ spaces costing only 30p in School Lane.