Council could use savings to balance books next year

Wellingborough Council could be set to use £2 million of savings to balance the books next year.

The local authority has also pledged to freeze council tax.

The resources committee recently agreed the draft budget for 2013-14. At the meeting, councillors discussed how Government grants and council tax could be expected to bring in around £8.5 million next year, but providing local services at the same level would cost more than £10.5 million.

Councillors proposed that £2 million of savings could be used to support next year’s budget and allow time for longer-term changes to be put in place for future years.

Cllr Paul Bell, leader of the council, said: “The financial challenge we are facing is huge. We have a shortfall of more than £2 million next year and will have to make even more savings over the next few years. It has become clear that we can’t rely on funding from the Government and instead we have to come up with ways to sort this out locally.

“There are no easy answers. We have always tried to maintain standards in our front-line services, which is why so many of our savings so far have come from behind-the-scenes changes and employee restructures.”