Council could sell off land plots

Wellingborough Council is to consider selling plots of land in order to raise money for its capital funds.

The local authority’s resources committee will be asked to consider recommending plots of land which could be disposed of by the council at a meeting on Wednesday, July 17.

The sites identified for possible sale are described as not likely to significantly affect the council’s overall investment, but provide the opportunity to increase the council’s capital receipts.

The sites which have been put forward for consideration by councillors are: residential land at Hardwick, land to rear of 74 to 79 Fulmar Lane, Wellingborough; land adjacent to Diamond Learning Community in Oakway, Wellingborough; land to rear of 22 to 28 Grasmere Green, Wellingborough; a plot at Windmill Close, Wollaston; and a plot at Holme Close in Wellingborough.

A report to the council’s resources committee states that the Diamond Learning Community, formerly Oakway School, has already expressed an interest in acquiring the land adjacent to the school.

Inquiries have also been made about the council’s willingness to sell the plots of land in Windmill Close, Wollaston, and Holme Close in Wellingborough. However, the report states: “The council has a duty to obtain best consideration from the sale of any land, so would have to offer the plots to the market.”

Wellingborough Homes has made a planning application for four residential units at Wordsworth Road.

The council-owned land could therefore be transferred to Wellingborough Homes, if an application is made.