Council bids to stamp out dog fouling

Cllr Michael Brown has campaigned against dog mess being left on the streets of Kettering
Cllr Michael Brown has campaigned against dog mess being left on the streets of Kettering

In response to an outbreak of dog fouling a council has launched a borough-wide dog fouling awareness campaign.

The campaign run by Kettering council aims to inform irresponsible dog owners about the risks of the unhealthy and anti-social act during the warm weather which has resulted in the problem of dog fouling becoming more obvious.

Council officials say dog mess carries harmful bacteria that spread disease and can be hazardous to humans.

Speaking about the campaign Shirley Plenderleith, Kettering council’s head of environmental health said: “There are many responsible dog owners and we would like to thank them for their continued good work in cleaning up after their dogs.

“Unfortunately a few irresponsible owners can spoil an area for everyone. In launching this campaign we are keen to support responsible owners and send out a strong message to those who don’t clean up after their pets that this is unacceptable and we will do all that we can through education and enforcement reduce this problem.”

Cllr Mark Dearing, portfolio holder for the environment, said: “I’m really pleased that we are taking further steps to increase awareness of the responsibilities of dog owners across all public areas in the borough.”

Prior to the campaign, Cllr Michael Brown delivered information leaflets to households in his ward to stress the importance of cleaning up after their dogs and providing information about what to do if people come across dog mess in their area.

“It saddens me greatly that children’s enjoyment of parks like Rockingham Road Pleasure Park is being spoilt by a few irresponsible dog owners,” he said.

“I would like to thank all responsible owners for clearing up after their dogs and ask those owners who don’t to think about the impact that their dog mess can have on the enjoyment and health of others.
“The information leaflets remind people that there is no such thing as a dog poo fairy and that they need to take responsibility for their pets, and that cleaning up after their dogs is part of responsible dog ownership.”

For dog owners who do not change their foul play, enforcement action will be taken – last year Kettering council issued nine enforcement notices for dog fouling.