Council appeal to Corby’s postal voters

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Residents who have voted in elections by post for the last five years are being asked to contact Corby Council if they want to continue doing so.

Legislation means that by January 31 each year, every person whose signature on the record is more than five years old and who has remained a postal voter, must be sent a notice in writing requiring them to provide a fresh signature if they wish to remain an absent voter.

The letter will also inform them of the date on which they would cease to be entitled to vote by post or by proxy if they choose not to respond.

Letters are being sent out to 1,400 identified residents in order to collect updated data which will ensure the council holds as accurate a record as possible.

Anyone who does not respond will be written to on or around March 12 to inform them that their absent vote has been cancelled, however they can still either apply for a new application to vote by post or vote in person at their polling station in future elections.

Corby Council’s deputy electoral registration officer, Paul Goult, said: “Due to legislation being introduced, we carried out our first ever refresh of postal voters last year.

“This exercise allows our systems to be as accurate as possible and reduces the amount of refused postal votes at election time due to outdated personal information.

“We would ask that if residents receive a refresh letter and they would like to continue voting by post that they complete the form and send it back to us as soon as possible.”