Could you help Petal blossom in a new home?

Petal is looking for a new home
Petal is looking for a new home

A cat given up by her owner because they couldn’t afford the treatment for a badly broken leg is looking for a new home.

Petal was just six-months-old when she was taken in by the county RSPCA branch in February because her owner was unable to pay for the operation.

The charity had to consider the best way to care for Petal, and amputation is often considered in cases like this when the injuries are so serious.

There is also the cost of recuperation afterwards to consider, but given how young Petal was, the charity decided to fund the treatment and give the young cat the best possible chance in life.

Vets4Pets, which regularly works with the RSPCA, carried out the operation and a metal cage was attached to Petal’s leg.

The cat was then placed with one of the RSPCA’s foster carers to help nurse her back to fitness over eight weeks.

Petal has responded well to the treatment and is making good progress.

Helen Watt, deputy branch manager for the RSPCA, said: “We care so passionately about animals and we know that each is an individual.

“The RSPCA Northamptonshire branch will take each case that it is presented with on its own merits and won’t always default to the cheapest and most straightforward option.

“The branch strives to do what is right by all of the animals that come into our care, despite the fact that we are operating in a challenging financial climate.

“I am so happy that we invested in Petal and am proud of her strength that has seen her recuperate fully in a relatively short period of time.”

Petal is now ready to be adopted and staff at the RSPCA are keen for someone to give her a second chance at a happy home-life.

If you would like to re-home Petal, call Helen on 07840 926122.