Could county beer be top of the hops?

A brewery in Wellingborough is releasing a new beer this month and it is hopeful it will be a hit.

Hart Family Brewers is one of the first in Britain to use a hop variety new to UK hop gardens and the brewers are hoping that their focus on British ingredients will make their new beer a countywide success.

Hart No.9 is a 4.3 per cent golden beer made with only UK barley and wheat. However, according to the brewery, the beer is “all about the hops” and Hart’s have plumped for a variety new to our shores, UK Cascade.

Cascade is a variety originally developed by Oregon State University in the US and was adopted by brewers due to its “intense, citrus flavours”.

However, Rob Hart, the brewer at Hart Family Brewers, said the company was keen to use British ingredients. He said: “We were keen to brew a Wellingborough’s own golden beer but one of our core values is only ever using British ingredients.”

The hops selected were grown at a farm in Herefordshire. Hart No.9 will be available in free houses in the county from this month and throughout the spring and summer.