Corey’s bid for dropped kerb on pavement

Corey Haseley by the kerb which he wants to be lowered
Corey Haseley by the kerb which he wants to be lowered

A severely disabled teenager is appealing for a dropped kerb to be installed on the pavement of a busy road to give him and other wheelchair users more independence.

Corey Haseley, 17, is appealing for Northamptonshire County Council to install a dropped kerb in Bourton Way, Wellingborough, to prevent him having to use his wheelchair on the road.

He said: “I want a dropped kerb and I have argued with the county council, but they think it’s not needed. People drive at stupid speeds in that area. It’s a busy road because of McDonald’s and The Priory pub. One day someone is going to get seriously injured. I don’t want myself, my parents or my carers to get injured.”

A spokesman for the county council said: “An officer has been out to visit the family in order to establish how we could come up with a solution to finding a suitable road crossing.

“However, when the county council considers where to install a dropped kerb it needs to take into consideration national guidelines to ensure the crossing point is safe. If a dropped kerb was to be installed in Bourton Way it would contravene guidelines as there isn’t a path opposite on which to make a safe crossing.

“Another option would be to extend the public footpath so that a dropped kerb would face the entrance to the pub. However, this isn’t possible because the county council doesn’t own the land required for this work.”