Corby workers’ concern over Brunel Road access

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Workers on the Earlstrees Industrial estate in Corby have asked for reassurance that a housing company will retain access along a path that allows them to get to work.

In April, people who used the access across scrubland near Pen Green balancing lakes contacted the Northants Telegraph after Metropolitan Housing submitted a planning application to fence their land.

The plans suggested that the new fence may block a path that had been used by local people for 40 years to access Brunel Road - home to hundreds of businesses including Euramax, Weetabix, Orchard House Foods and Avon.

At the time Metropolitan Housing said their plans meant that pedestrians and cyclists would still be able to get through.

But when the fence started going up last week, local people were again concerned that it looked as though there would not be accesss.

In a letter to Corby Borough Council planners, ward councillor Mark Pengelly said: “I raised this issue several months ago when some signs appeared off the industrial estate side of the lakes stating work on fencing was being applied for. I was assured there would still be a proper right of way.

“We now have a 7ft fence going down the middle of the land .

“I have spoken to the contractors who state there will be a small gap but you will need to go through brambles and bikes will not get through .

“In my ward I have many residents that have used the gap from Pen Green Lane through the middle of lakes and onto the Earlstrees to get to work and also for leisure purposes .

From an early age (I am now 54) I have known this right of way to be in place.

“Can I please get assurances that residents will still be able to gain reasonable access for them, push chairs and cycles from Pen Green Lane to Brunel Road in the Earlstrees Estate and the lakes will still be available for the local residents to enjoy?”

The situation is complicated by the fact that some of the land is public highway owned by Northamptonshire County Council.

A Metropolitan Housing spokesman indicated that the situation had not chanced since the original plans were passed. He said: “Access to the section of Brunel Road at the north of this site will not be restricted by the fencing work underway.”