Corby wheelchair racer achieves personal best at para-triathlon event


A wheelchair racer from Corby took part in her first para-triathlon event in Eaton Dorney, Buckinghamshire, on August 18.

Carole James suffers from a rare pain condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.



She took part in the para-triathlon as part of Team RGK Wheelchair Company at the Superhero series event, alongside hundreds of disabled, celebrities including Jonnie Peacock, Adam Hills and David Weir and sidekick helpers.

The event featured a 400m swim, 3km bike and 1km run/push.

Carole said: “I took part in two different teams doing the run/sprint.

“In the 1st team I achieved a personal best of 6min and with the second team I took part in the 3km bike section in 23min.

“The whole ethos of the event is for people with any sort of disability to take part, in any method of getting around, either being pulled on rafts on the water to using various types of bikes and devices to help with the run.

“The event was amazing. Seeing everyone enjoying themselves and seeing them cross the finish line was great.

“Being in the 2 different teams I met some great people. I really enjoyed it and have said I would like to do it again next year.”

Carole is a member of Northamptonshire Wheelchair Racing Network and Corby Athletics Club. She took part in the event in a loaned racing chair from the network while she is fundraising to get her own racing wheelchair.

To help sponsor her in her mission to buy her own wheelchair, visit {http://||} .

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