Corby vets seeking dog blood donors

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-170702-111516005

A Corby vets is appealing for dog owners to get their canine to donate blood.

Northlands Veterinary Hospital is holding a blood donation session on Saturday (February 11) at its unit in George Street.

It is particularly – but not exclusively – looking for dogs with a negative blood type as levels are low.

Typical negative blood type breeds include dobermans, greyhounds, boxers, German shepherds, old English sheepdogs, flat coated retrievers, lurchers, American bulldogs, pointers (English), English bull terriers and mastiffs.

Veterinary nurse Tracy Alderman said: “Working in practice, we know that blood is needed far and wide to help save dogs’ lives and we’re happy we can do our bit to help this great cause.

“We would love to welcome more donors through our doors at our next session and would urge owners who have a dog who meets PBB’s criteria to register.”

Dogs who donate will not only receive a full health check but also receive a goody bag containing an “I’m a life saver” bandana and toy of their choice.

Joanne, owner of two long-standing donating dobermans, said: “The whole process involving the collection of the blood is very easy and the team are very good, putting both the owner and donor at ease.

“If the donor isn’t comfortable, then they don’t go ahead.”

Donors need to be fit and healthy, and meet the following:

-Have a good temperament

-Aged between one and eight years old

-Weigh more than 25kg

-Be up-to-date with vaccinations

-Not travelled outside of the UK and Ireland

-Not on any medication