Corby to get its own £25k jackpot lottery

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A new lottery to plough funds into community groups is set to be launched by Corby Council

Under proposals to be debated by councillors at a meeting next week, tickets for the Corby Community Lottery would be available on-line for £1.

About 50p from that £1 stake would go directly to local charitable and community groups that have applied to be a part of the scheme in advance. Those buying tickets can specify where they’d like their money to go from a drop-down menu.

Another 20p from each £1 stake will fund the cash prizes, with a further 10p going into the council’s grants pot which awards cash to good causes on a regular basis.

The remaining money from the stakes would be spend on admin and VAT.

The council presently awards £236k of grants to local charities but officers predict that in the future, cuts may mean that there is not as much money available. This is a way of ensuring that good causes in the borough are still well-funded.

Numbers drawn from the Australian national lottery each Saturday will be used for the Corby lottery, with suggested prizes of £25 for three numbers, £100 for four numbers, £1,000 for five numbers and £25,000 for all six numbers. The jackpot payout would be insured.

A report to councillors at next week’s One Corby Policy Committee by its director of corporate services Adrian Sibley says: “This type of scheme was first introduced by Aylesbury Vale District Council earlier this year and they have agreed to assist us with our implementation.

“The cost of this would be £6k. This would be a one-off cost and met from current year under-spends and will fund such functions as writing the business case and plan and application to the Licensing Agency, marketing and design of website, general advice and project management.

“The staff time towards the scheme is minimal as the process is almost entirely on-line. The insured risk for the jackpot payout is as yet unknown but it is expected to be less than £1,000 per annum.”

No money from the lottery will be used to subsidise other council services. The scheme will be reviewed after a year in operation.

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