Corby takes on a life of its own

The topic #corbylife has produced thousands of tweets
The topic #corbylife has produced thousands of tweets

THE shared experiences of people who live in Corby have caused a social media frenzy.

Humorous or poignant, embarrassing or cringeworthy, all has been laid bare by users of the social networking website Twitter.

The topic #corbylife has produced thousands of tweets during the past 48 hours. It was originally created by 19-year-old Perry Cavender from Violet Close, Corby, on May 8.

But when Mayor of Corby Gail McDade and other well-known names from the town began sharing their own memories on Thursday evening, the topic was listed as trending in the Midlands.

Perry, a former Lodge Park Technology College pupil who is now looking for work, said: “I moved to Corby six years ago from Rushden and I immediately realised that there is no other place like it.

“I just started using the hashtag when I was describing the things that happened daily in my life and then some friends said we should give it a push and try and get it trending if possible.

“It took a few days but all of a sudden I came back to it and there were hundreds and hundreds of tweets.

“It was trending on Thursday night in the Birmingham area.

“I really wasn’t expecting it but it’s kept me laughing for the past few days.”

Local people have joined in the spirit of #corbylife by talking about their own experiences.

Cllr McDade urged people to tweet positively after many posters began sharing their more outrageous thoughts.

Yesterday she was waiting for news at hospital as her young son was having an operation.

She said: “Corby life making a long afternoon much more bearable.

“Some of the tweets are really funny. I tweeted about 5pm on Thursday asking people to keep it positive and it seems they have done so.

“I can’t believe how many tweets are coming through every minute now.”

Local police officers got in on the act, as did Paralympian goalball player Niall Graham.