Corby swimming pool staff tried to save man

Corby Swimming Pool
Corby Swimming Pool

The family of a man who was found collapsed at Corby Swimming Pool have paid tribute to the young lifeguards who helped try to save him.

William McShane, 34, was discovered slumped in the pool toilets after suffering a heart attack.

He had a history of drug use and was found with a syringe still in his groin.

A contractor who discovered him in the toilets in February last year called staff to help.

Three lifeguards administered basic life support until the ambulance arrived.

They continued to help the paramedics who were trying to restart his heart by ensuring Mr McShane’s airway was clear and maintaining his oxygen supply.

Despite their efforts the father-of-two, of Lingfield Walk, Corby, died in hospital three days later.

Following the inquest into his death, his partner Donna Claypole of Scarborough Walk, Corby, said: “It must have been such a shock for them to find William.

“They were amazing and I can’t thank them enough for trying to help him.

“He was the most loving, warm person I’ve ever met and he kept his drug use a secret to protect his family.”

Deputy coroner Rodney Haig recorded an open verdict at the Kettering inquest.