Corby survey finds majority of people are unaware of planned NHS changes

Health service.
Health service.

Fewer than one in five people in Corby have heard of a major plan which could radically change local health services, according to a survey.

NHS Corby Clinical Commissioning Group carruied out its healthcare survey across the population it commissions health services for.

It found that just 16 per cent of respondents had heard of the county’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).

The five-year STP contains proposals for a joining of health and social care in the county, but there has been criticism of a lack of transparency surrounding the drawing up of the plans.

The CCG says that although this is a small proportion, it is still notably higher than that indicated in national polls.

The survey found 80 per cent said they would support changes to local NHS health services if it meant preventing them going to hospital unnecessarily.

Other key findings include:

More than a third of respondents indicated major difficulty in gaining the access they would like to their GP surgery. The data did show significant variation across practices.

Forty-six per cent lacked confidence that they would be able to access local NHS services on the same day but 61 per cent of people see same day access to a healthcare professional as important.

A strong majority (more than 80 per cent) would welcome services to be different if they increased their chances of staying out of hospital. Only five per cent expressed the opposite view.

More than 58 per cent want more support to stay fit and well – but 31 per cent said they didn’t.

More than half (56 per cent) accept that local services might need to change – with a third strongly in agreement. A large number (29 per cent) were undecided.

Clinical chairman at NHS Corby Clinical Commissioning Group Dr Joanne Watt said: “We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey or attend one of the workshops.

“Your views, experience and insights have given us valuable information that will help us as we review healthcare services in Corby.

“As I have highlighted previously, Corby is the fastest growing borough outside London with a 17 per cent increase predicted by 2024.

“People are also living longer but with long-term conditions like breathing difficulties, dementia and diabetes.

“We need to make sure healthcare services can meet these challenges and help people live healthier lives.

“This will lead to changes to local healthcare services and we are committed to keeping the people of the borough informed and involved as we review and make decisions about how we can deal with these challenges.”

The survey was conducted by Corby CCG at the start of the year but the publication of the report was delayed due to the local and general elections when the CCG was unable to share the information publically.

Nearly 700 responses were received from people covering a wide range of ages and included patients from across all five GP surgeries in Corby.

The CCG also held workshops where people from local organisations and charities that represent and work with people in Corby were invited to share their views.