Corby students give Irchester Cricket Club a makeover

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Irchester Cricket Club has been given a makeover thanks to Tresham students.

The 19 level 1 and 2 painting and decorating students, who are studying at Tresham’s Corby campus, have been transforming Irchester Cricket Club since Monday, April 13.

The students were able to put the knowledge and techniques they had learned at college into a practical workplace environment, helping them gain confidence out of the classrooms and workshops.

Students travelled to the cricket club each day for more than a week of volunteering and valuable work experience to decorate a new building at the club which includes changing rooms.

Level 3 apprentices were also involved in the project, who undertook a supervisory role as part of their qualification; they managed a small team in an area of the project and were responsible for health and safety, equipment and all site procedures while being observed by Tresham tutors.

Deputy head of school for construction Craig Love said: “The project has been much tougher than I even anticipated; it has been a lot of hard work and the students have done really well.

“I’m immensely proud of each and every one of the students that took part and this has been a new and exciting project to be involved with and we hope we’ll have the opportunity to be involved in other projects such as this.”

One of the students taking part in the project saidS “It’s been very hard work and extremely tiring but this work experience will look great on my CV and will hopefully help to land me a great job once I’ve finished my qualification.

“I’d love to do something like this again, it’s been great working as a team and we can’t wait to see the end result.”

The scheme is part of a nationwide initiative set up by the English Cricket Board (ECB), which has partnered local colleges with cricket clubs to offer construction students valuable practical experience while they complete renovation and refurbishment projects at the cricket clubs.

Jewson has provided Tresham with up to £2,500 in a special account to aid with the project at Irchester Cricket Club, as well as projects planned for other cricket clubs including Irthlingborough’s.

For more information about Construction courses at Tresham ring 0845 658 89 90 or email.