Corby street battles burst drains AGAIN as floodwater lifts road surface by three inches

Stephenson Way residents again had to put up with yet another flood in their street on Bank Holiday Monday as their ageing water pipes burst yet again.

Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 12:02 am
The new road surface can be seen bulging after water spurted up through it.

People living on the Lloyds estate in the oldest part of New Corby have had countless issues with the sewers, surface water drainage and water mains for several years.

Less than two weeks ago, the Northants Telegraph told how, after yet another leak, Anglian Water had finally pledged to do some proper investigating following pleas from people living there.

But right on queue, the decrepit 90-year-old system burst again in the same spot yesterday (Monday, May 27), leaving the new road surface bulging and water spurting out from beneath it.

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Dirty water is coming up through the surface water drains

Corby Ward councillor Mark Pengelly was told Anglian Water operatives would not be able to come out until today, but after protestations from resident, they came out last night to assess the damage.

They will now be forced to re-lay the road again, meaning partial road closures and difficulty in maintaining the bus route.

Cllr Pengelly said: “We need urgent, immediate action.

“This is ongoing and we need a commitment to get investment on the area’s drainage and renewal.”

Sediment is backing up in gulleys around Stephenson Way

Last summer, rats invaded homes in the area and people believed they were coming up from the broken sewers.

Anglian Water lad dividends of more than £32m last year and its chief executive Peter Simpson was paid £1.2m.

The Northants Telegraph was unable to speak to Anglian Water last night but last week a spokesman told a reporter that an investigation of the system in Stephenson Way would begin next month with CCTV cameras being placed in underground pipes.

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