Corby singer to appear on Russian TV talent show

Corby singer Sophie Lagan is appearing on the Russian version of The Voice
Corby singer Sophie Lagan is appearing on the Russian version of The Voice

A singer from Corby who moved to Moscow two years ago is set to appear on one of Russia’s most popular talent shows.

Sophie Lagan, 29, jetted out to Russia in 2012 to teach English to four girls in a Russian family, saying she wanted to have a change of scenery. She has ended up having such a good time that she has been there ever since.

In August she auditioned for the Russian show Golos, which means Voice.

The programme is similar to the BBC talent show The Voice, where the judges can only hear the singing voice of those auditioning and can only see them if they choose to become one of their mentors.

Sophie said: “I was basically bullied into applying for the first casting by the children I teach – they were convinced I’d get through to the filming.

“It was a wonderful experience. There was a long wait of course, five or six hours standing around but I got my guitar out and spent time jamming with some other guys there waiting. We had so much fun.”

Sophie does not yet know when her blind audition will be broadcast – but says it will be one of the next five Fridays on Russian Channel 1 at 6.30pm British time.

She added: “I’ve been singing only for the last few years since leaving university in London, where I studied electric guitar. This is the first time I’ve done any television.

“I can honestly say I never dreamed I’d be doing anything like this show. It’s such a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful to be involved.”

Sophie said she is enjoying her new life in Russia and adds that apart from the size of Moscow, she can find some similarities to life at home in Corby.

She added: “There are roughly 18 million people here and it’s half the size of London. It’s chaotic. Some Russians have a tough exterior, but once you break the ice they’re very hospitable.

“They love nothing more than to sit down with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit and have a good chat about their children’s school or the best places to shop, so they’re really not that different to us in Corby at all.”

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