Corby school showing signs of improvement, says Ofsted

Corby Business Academy ENGNNL00120110610173815
Corby Business Academy ENGNNL00120110610173815

Inspectors from Ofsted say Corby Business Academy is showing signs of improvement.

The school in Gretton Road dropped from ‘good’ to ‘requires improvement’ after an inspection in November last year.

Because of that inspection, Ofsted visited again – but they say signs of improvement are encouraging.

In a letter to associate principal Janina Taylor, Ofsted said: “The trust and the local governing body responded quickly to the findings of the previous inspection.

“They immediately deployed to the school the executive principal from the trust to strengthen the effectiveness of the senior leadership team.

“Under his skilful leadership, this team is becoming increasingly effective, with the result that the weaknesses identified by inspectors at the last inspection are being tackled successfully.

“Strategies to improve the quality of teaching are proving effective.

“Staff who need help to improve their teaching receive coaching from the school’s most effective teachers.

“Senior leaders maintain careful oversight of this to ensure that it is making a difference.

“With the agreement of staff, the executive principal has also amended teachers’ performance management targets during the current appraisal cycle to ensure that they focus sufficiently on raising pupils’ achievement.”

Ofsted added that the school should take further action to ensure pupils are safe on buses to and from school and provide consistent high-quality teaching in science.

Executive principal John Henrys said: “This is a very positive report and I would like to thank all the staff at Corby Business Academy for their hard work and diligence.

“They have been very responsive to these strategies to drive improvements in teaching, behaviour and aspiration for our students and their contribution has been crucial to this ongoing process.”

Brooke Weston Trust’s chief executive officer, Dr Andrew Campbell, said: “This is an extremely encouraging report which highlights that everyone from Corby Business Academy and the trust is committed to returning the school to its former ‘good’ rating as soon as possible.

“Interventions are having a measurable and dramatic effect and I would like to thank school and trust staff for their hard work and skill in achieving such dramatic improvements in a relatively short space of time.”