Corby’s youngest ever mayor appointed

Matt Keane.
Matt Keane.

Corby Council has appointed Cllr Matt Keane as its youngest ever mayor at 26 years old.

Cllr Keane became a councillor in 2015 and takes over from former mayor Cllr Julie Riley.

Cllr Keane said: “First of all I would like to thank my fellow councillors for electing me as the next mayor of Corby.

“I am truly honoured to hold this office and at only 26 years old I am the youngest mayor Corby has ever had.

“Cllr Julie Riley and her consort Bob have done a fantastic job over the past year.

“They have represented Corby and organised some lovely events that I and other councillors have enjoyed attending to raise money for her charities.

“I am pleased to have been able to serve as Cllr Riley’s deputy mayor and want to personally thank the both of them for their service to this beautiful borough.

“The theme of my year is going to be ‘the best of Corby’.

“I have grown up and gone to school here. I have worked here and served on the borough council.

“However, I know a different Corby to many of the older people who arrived here to work in the steel industry.

“When I grew up in Corby it was rebuilding itself. I look around this town and see a vibrant, modern, growing town.

“I see Corby in its next age. I see new people moving to this town and villages that surround it.

“I see commuters and a larger new community. Corby is proud of its industrial heritage, it’s proud of its Scottish heritage and it has given Corby a fantastic sense of community.

“Corby has the nicest people with the biggest of hearts.

“Over my next year as mayor I want to celebrate the borough’s people and its history but also include its future.

“I want to spend time with community groups and every generation.

“I want to meet the people of the town’s past and get to know those who will build its future.

“I will support community events and raise money for good causes.”

Cllr Keane’s chosen charities for the upcoming year will be mental health charity Stages and disabled youth club Tribes.

Cllr Mohammed Rahman was confirmed as the new deputy mayor, with his wife being named as consort for the year.