Corby’s PSPO extended for three years

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An order banning activities such as drinking and begging in Corby’s town centre has been extended until 2021.

The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) has been in place in the town centre and surrounding area since 2015.

Corby Council’s neighbourhood management and community safety team carried out a review of the order with a consultation exercise carried out with the police and other public bodies as well as the community.

The PSPO gives authorised officers such as neighbourhood wardens, PCSOs and police officers the powers to tackle anti-social drinking within the restricted area, as well as begging.

The conditions in the order state that it is an offence for:

- people to be in possession of open containers with alcohol in, within the area covered by the PSPO

- people to drink, consume or take intoxicating substances within the area covered by the PSPO

- people to act in a manner that causes alarm, harassment or distress as a result of consuming alcohol or taking intoxicating substances

- people to beg within the area covered by the PSPO

Leader of Corby Council, Cllr Tom Beattie, said: “The Public Space Protection Order has been successfully used to tackle this behaviour for three years and Corby Council wants to continue to work with the police to see further reductions in incidents.

“Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation and helping us reach the decision to extend the PSPO in the town centre until November 2021.”

A copy of the order and a map of the area it covers is available to view on the council’s website at