Corby’s ‘most wanted’ arrested and jailed after a six-week operation

Inspector Vaughan Clarke
Inspector Vaughan Clarke
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Prolific offenders in Corby are behind bars after a major six-week drive to target some of the town’s worst offenders.

Corby police have arrested 65 people and sent six to prison as part of Operation Jousting since the beginning of October.

Inspector Vaughan Clarke, sector commander for the town, said: “We set up Operation Jousting to tackle the most prolific offenders in Corby.

“The operation is designed to run for at least six months to tackle a group of criminals who are committing a significant proportion of local offences.

“We started out by targeting 15 of the most prolific criminals, identifying their pattern of offending and policing them at the times they were most vulnerable - when they were in places they shouldn’t be.

“I am pleased to announce that from that original list of 15 we now have six in prison, and the other nine are high on our radar.”

In total there have been 65 people arrested over the last six weeks with 38 charged with criminal offences.

A large proportion of the others are on bail whilst further evidence is collated, and of those that have been charged a total of 26 are remanded in custody.

Inspector Clarke added: “I became sector commander in July, and pledged to put a stop to the criminal activity of the town’s most prolific offenders.

“We have just had two weeks of the lowest levels of burglary, shoplifting and vehicle theft in Corby since records began, and I am confident this is because of the success of Operation Jousting.

“I will now be writing to local offenders I know are still committing crime, making it clear that my intention is to have them in prison for Christmas, unless they stop offending.”