Corby’s Little Ambassadors help open new and improved play area on the Exeter estate

Exeter Little Ambassadors opening the new play area equipment
Exeter Little Ambassadors opening the new play area equipment

Corby’s Little Ambassadors are helping to make sure that play time isn’t over on the Exeter estate even if the summer holidays by helping Corby mayor Peter McEwan open a re-developed play area.

New play equipment has been installed at an old play area behind the Autumn Centre in Counts Farm Road and consists of a climbing tower, freeride, six swing multi-unit, new ball court markings and a zip line.

It is wonderful that a group of children can see the difference that they have made and can share with other children

Brenda Easton

The idea for the new play area originated from Inspiring Neighbourhoods’ Little Ambassadors, a young group that deals with community issues within their area, who thought that the youngsters in the Exeter community could benefit from more play equipment.

Funding totalling £25k was secured for the play equipment through WREN, a not-for-profit business that awards grants to community, environmental and heritage projects across the UK.

The funding was granted following initial funds being raised from Corby Council, Northants County Council’s Empowering Councillors Fund via Cllr John McGhee and money raised by the Little Ambassadors themselves through holding their own market stall in the town centre and a fun day on the estate.

Peter Cox, managing director of WREN, said: “WREN is committed to funding the projects that make a real difference to local communities, children and families.

“The Exeter Little Ambassadors Project will provide a fantastic space for local people to get outdoors and have some fun on this new play equipment.

“We’re delighted to have supported Corby Borough Council and the Little Ambassadors to make this happen and I’m sure that everyone will enjoy the new play area.”

Cllr John McGhee said: “I am very pleased that I have been able to use my Empowering Councillors Fund from the county council to help provide this equipment for the Exeter estate.

“These monies along with funding from Corby Borough Council and the Little Ambassadors have secured WREN’s support for the new play area.

“The Little Ambassadors do a great amount of work in their estate, they should be very proud and we hope that they enjoy the new play equipment along with the rest of the community.”

Brenda Easton, director of Inspiring Neighbourhoods CIC, said: “Inspiring Neighbourhood’s Little Ambassadors have amazed us and themselves with the impact they have had in their area.

“It is wonderful that a group of children can see the difference that they have made and can share with other children.”

Beth Hugh, 14, is part of the Little Ambassadors and said: “The park looks great, it has taken a while to work through the process but the end results have been well worth it, it’s amazing to see our plan come to life.”

In honour of the opening, the Little Ambassadors summed up their experience through a poem:

We are Little Ambassadors

And we are here to convey

How happy that we all are

You have joined us here today

We wanted a play area

That everyone can use

A place where we can all have fun

That we will not abuse

Maria and Ellen have helped us

We’ve worked with Brenda and Liz

Councillor McGhee’s on board

And now we’re all in bizz

The ball park was quite messy

We’d need it all cut back

And Corby Borough Council

Put it on their maintenance contract

We wanted a wildlife garden

We needed to get seed

Brenda said that Mick and Bob

Are just the men you need

Now we have all worked very hard

It’s taken quite a while

And with Inspiring Neighbourhoods

We’ve gone the extra mile

Some things were not easy

One thing we did decide

If we really wanted goal posts

We’d have to sacrifice a slide

So after much discussion

Of hands, we did a show

Democracy had won the day

The slide would have to go

We’ve spoken to our MP

We’ve showed the mayor our plan

We asked Hags can you build it

Yes, they said we can

We went to see Wren’s panel

To show them what we’d done

They said we’d set the benchmark

And hearts and minds were won

Now everyone has listened

To what we had t say

And now we know they understand

That we just want to play

So here we are all beaming

Standing tall with pride

To celebrate what can be done

When we work side by side

So you won’t mind us saying

And I’m sure you’ll all agree

As Exeter Little Ambassadors

Inspiring are we