Corby residents roll up their sleeves to clean up area

Harry Graham and Mark Webster, Chestnut Avenue residents taking part in clean-up, Corby
Harry Graham and Mark Webster, Chestnut Avenue residents taking part in clean-up, Corby

Volunteers are rolling up their sleeves and giving up their time to ensure their neighbourhood looks clean and tidy.

And they’re hoping their actions will encourage Corby residents to take a pride in their community.

Shire Lodge and The Chestnuts Neighbourhood Association chairman Harry Graham and committee member Mark Webster have been busy picking up litter, gardening and keeping grass verges trimmed and tidy.

Now Chestnut Avenue, Poplar Road, Larch Road and Elm Road are looking smarter.

Mr Graham said: “Residents are noticing the difference and commenting on the improvements.

“We’re hoping that our efforts will rub off on other people. Everyone we’ve spoken to has said how much better the area is looking.”

Resident Deborah Toner, who lives in Chestnut Avenue, appreciates the efforts being made to spruce up the neighbourhood.

“She said: “Everything looks neater and the gardens and streets are looking clean and tidy.

“The work that is going on seems to be bringing the community together.”

Even Mr Webster’s daughters Ellie, 10, and Caitlin, 13, have been lending a hand and picking up litter.

He said: “We’ve been tidying up gardens, trimming hedges and generally keeping everything looking cared for.

“We would like to thank everyone who has been supporting our efforts and who has sponsored us, including Recycle Mart which provided equipment.”

Mr Webster is so committed to keeping the area looking good that he recently went out in the middle of the night to pick up litter after vandals pushed over wheelie bins in the street.

He added: “We could do with a few more volunteers to share the work.”

Anyone interested in taking part in the clean-up project or finding out more about the neighbourhood association can go along to its annual meeting at Ennerdale Community Centre, Corby, at 7pm on Tuesday, April 1, .