Corby residents - make sure you’re entitled to vote

By-election called.
By-election called.

Corby Council is reminding residents to ensure that they complete their Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs), as part of the annual check of the Electoral Register, required by law.

Even if you are already registered to vote or there are no changes to your details, you still need to respond. Completion of this form is compulsory and failure to respond is a criminal offence, which can result in a fine up to £1,000.

Failing to update your details on the Electoral Register can affect your credit score when buying mobile phones, a hire purchase agreement or mortgage application.

Household Enquiry Forms are simple to fill in - residents are required to give the names of each person living in the property and identify if any details have changed since last year. Forms can be completed by automated telephone, paper form, internet, SMS or just calling the election office, it couldn’t be simpler!

New electors identified from the Household Enquiry Form, need to register to vote using an Invitation to Register form or go online to Failing to register to vote can result in an £80 penalty.

All the methods on how you can return the information are listed on the form.

However if you require any further details or assistance, contact Corby Council’s Electoral Office on 01536 464012 or visit Corby Council’s Electoral Registration page