Corby pubs win awards for providing a safe place to drink

Some of the Best Bar None winners in Corby
Some of the Best Bar None winners in Corby

Five pubs in Corby have been accredited with the ‘Best Bar None’ status in recognition of their work to provide a safe and enjoyable place to drink.

Best Bar None is a national scheme that awards standards within the licensed trade.

More of the Best Bar None winners from Corby

More of the Best Bar None winners from Corby

Its aim is to reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder by building positive relationships between the licensed trade, police and local authority.

Another aim is to reduce the harmful effects of binge drinking as well as improving knowledge and skills to help licensees and staff manage licensed premises responsibly.

Five pubs in Corby have just been awarded the Best Bar None status and they were presented with their trophies at a recent meeting of Corby’s Pubwatch group, which meets regularly and is supported and attended by Corby Council’s Community Safety Partnership.

The winners were The Saxon Crown, The Samuel Lloyd, The Corby Conservative Club, The Viking Club and The Rockingham Hotel.

Leader of Corby Council, Cllr Tom Beattie, said: “This is great news and I am very pleased that not only one or two, but five pubs have been recognised in such a positive light.

“It is important to recognise responsible operators so that good practice can be shared with others and promoted to create higher and safer standards across the borough.

“Maybe next year we can top the number of awards given in 2016.”

The process of becoming a recognised venue by Best Bar None includes meeting minimum standards so that everyone can enjoy a safe night out.

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