Corby primary school to become an academy

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Governors at Kingswood Primary School, Corby, have decided the school will break away from Northamptonshire County Council and become an academy.

The move follows consultations with parents, staff and representatives of teaching unions and it is hoped the process will be completed by April 1, next year.

The school is to seek sponsorship from the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust.

Headteacher, Wendy Gordon, said she will welcome the support she will receive from the sponsor in the day-to-day running of the academy.

She said: “Both staff and parents are fully on board with the proposal to become an academy and they know we have the best interests of the pupils at heart.

“Our standards have continued to improve and so we plan to build on that even further when the school becomes an academy. I know that working with Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust will secure a successful future for Kingswood Primary School.”

In the summer the school’s staff and pupils celebrated being taken out of special measures.

Once academy status is granted, the trust will provide a range of services including educational support, finance, human resources, information technology, procurement, catering, health and safety, data, communications and marketing, as well as extended opportunities for pupils.

It is a not-for-profit educational organisation, specialising in working with schools in challenging circumstances and it has a positive track record of delivering significant improvements.

The Trust has 13 open academies across the Midlands which are educating more than 9,000 pupils.

It will also run the new Corby Primary Academy which is to open in September next year on Oakley Vale estate.