Corby plumber finds 97-year-old widow’s wedding ring

Liam Carr and the customer he helped
Liam Carr and the customer he helped

A Corby plumber saved the day when a 97-year-old woman lost her wedding ring down the drain.

She had been washing her hands when her wedding ring, which had been given to her by her late husband who passed away 10 years ago, fell off her hand and down the plughole of the basin.

I could see how much this ring meant to the customer and I wanted to make sure I found it.

Liam Carr

The distressed great-grandmother of six, of Towcester, immediately called Dyno, under her British Gas homecare cover.

Liam Carr, 25, from Dyno plumbing franchise Eco-Aqua Services based in Corby, went straight to the lady’s home.

On arrival, Liam noticed that the customer was very concerned about the ring, and soon found out that the ring had hugely sentimental to her and it had been in her possession since she was 20 years old.

Liam, who has worked for Eco-Aqua Services for five years said: “I could see how much this ring meant to the customer and I wanted to make sure I found it.

“The ring had great sentimental value as this was the last memento the lady had from her husband, and I was determined not to leave the house without ensuring the ring was back on her finger.”

To retrieve the ring Liam took the u-bend trap off from under the sink. He cleaned it and put some water through it but nothing was found.

As the customer worried that she was not going to see her wedding ring again, Liam noticed that there was still a vast amount of debris stuck in the u-bend so after many more attempts the ring finally surfaced.

It had been trapped beneath all the debris that had accumulated in the customer’s basin.

The 97-year-old lady was absolutely thrilled and could not thank Liam enough for finding her ring, which meant the world to her.

She referred to Liam as her hero, and was overwhelmed with his act of kindness.

Brothers-in-law Iain Stewart and Paul Odell run the Dyno Plumbing franchise.

They said: “As soon as we got the call we wanted to do all we could to help find the missing ring.

“With Dyno’s plumbing and drainage expertise alongside our technical knowledge, we knew we could help with the rescue.”