Corby people urged to make themselves heard

Cllr Tom Beattie
Cllr Tom Beattie

The voice of the people of Corby WILL be heard by those in government, the leader of Corby Council has promised.

Cllr Tom Beattie has urged local people to reply to the consultation into plans to scrap Corby Council, along with all councils in Northamptonshire and replace them with two unitary authorities to cover the north and the south of the counties.

Corby Council has written to every household in the borough asking them a simple question: “Do you want your local authority, Corby Borough Council, to be replaced with a larger authority that funds all your services and makes decisions for the whole of North Northants?”

Each household can return their joint form and then, if there are others in the house that also want to express their opinion, they can do so online here

There is also a chance to sign a petition against the move to unitary authorities at the Corby Cube.

The Government has already told councils in the county that it wants them to be governed in a different way in the future, but there must be a meaningful consultation before that can happens.

Cllr Beattie said that if Corby votes ‘no’, he will ensure that message is clearly communicated to the government.

He said: “At the beginning of the process I wrote to the secretary of state at the time setting out Corby’s position that we wouldn’t willingly accept the proposal.

“Our final decision will be informed by the Corby consultation and will be representative of the views of the people of Corby.”

The county council is also running a separate consultation in association with all the boroughs, which asks several more detailed questions and Cllr Beattie is urging Corby residents to also make their views known in that consultation.

He said: “We are asking people to engage with both consultations. The countywide consultation is an important part of the process and they will have to show the Government that there’s a good deal of support.

“We’ve been pleased with the level of responses. It’s been higher than other similar consultations.

“There’s still time to participate and, in fact, we’ll be extending the deadline to July 20 to give people an extra week.

“If there’s a demonstration through our consultation that there’s significant opposition, and at the moment that’s what it looks like, the government will need to make a decision as to whether this demonstrates the good deal of public support that they require.

“We’ll present the findings we get and make it clear from what the people have said that there’s no public appetite for this and the government may think again.

“We’ll not go down without a fight.”

There is a further public meeting where the changes will be clearly explained at Beanfield Community Centre tonight (Monday, July 9) from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

You can take part in the Corby consultation here if you have not done so already, and in the countywide consultation here