Corby people hit back at Daily Mail article which called town ‘miserable’ and ‘desolate’

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Corby residents have poured scorn on a derogatory national newspaper article which calls the town “miserable” and drags up cliches about drug-ridden estates.

The Daily Mail, recently awarded the title of Newspaper of the Year, carried a full-page feature on Friday claiming the “problems are just beginning” for the 12 winners of the EuroMillions jackpot.

And as reporter Natalie Clark lays into the bus drivers for not turning up for work the day after their life-changing win, she does her level best to drag the town through the mud.

The Stagecoach depot is described as “desolate” and the Kingswood estate as being “plagued with drug dealers and other anti-social problems,” as the reporter mocks the award of £1m of Lottery cash to help improve the area.

The town centre, still packed with High Street names several years after its multi-million-pound refit, is described as “one of the most miserable pedestrianised precincts you’ll ever come across”.

And as the reporter attempts to get former wives to ask for a cut of the cash, none do – and all wish the winners well.

Lynnette Ballantyne, 32, of Great Oakley, works in The Paper Shop, in New Post Office Square. She was unimpressed with the comments in the paper sitting on the news stands in her shop.

She said: “I absolutely love Corby and I really think it is on the up. As a town it is pulling together.

“I feel angry. They know nothing about the town, what it has been through and what it used to be like a long time ago.

“They shouldn’t judge the town without getting to know what is going on here.

“Corby is buzzing. Maybe it’s jealousy. It is a feeder for London now so it can’t be that bad.”

The Daily Mail did not respond to the Evening Telegraph’s request for a comment.