Corby patients with hidden diabetes risk saved from developing disease

Prediabetes screening has been succesful in Corby
Prediabetes screening has been succesful in Corby

People at risk of being diagnosed with diabetes in Corby have been part of a successful scheme to halt the rise of the illness in the town.

Doctors in Corby have managed to refer 378 people to the Healthier You programme that helps educate those with the condition ‘prediabetes’ so that they don’t develop full-blown type-2 diabetes.

Dr Sanjay Gadhia NNL-180914-093625005

Dr Sanjay Gadhia NNL-180914-093625005

In Corby there are an estimated 5,500 people with diabetes - with 4,500 of those actually diagnosed.

But there are thought to be about 7,000 with prediabetes.

The condition is a warning sign that blood sugar levels are higher than they should be and that you could be at risk of developing diabetes. With the right education and treatment, doctors can help prediabetes patients to recover their blood sugar levels back to normal.

Speaking at the Corby CCG annual general meeting on Thursday, Dr Sanjay Gadhia said: “There are a lot of patients who, before they are diagnosed, we could do something about it.

“Ten per cent of the population have prediabetes and if you’re diagnosed there’s a strong change you’ll become diabetic in the next few years.

“If changes are made then there’s a 60 or 70 per cent chance it will be recoverable.

“A few years ago in the East Midlands a project was rolled out to provide people with an education programme. We brought that into Corby.

“All patients identified as high-risk are offered a test for diabetes.

“Patients were then referred to the NHS diabetes programme that took place at venues around the town.

“We made 378 referrals - the fourth highest out of 11 trusts for rates of referral across the East Midlands.

“This is just the start.”