Corby neighbourhood forum appeals for support for plan to improve parking in the town

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  • Centara’s forum status allows it to have more influence over plans for improving the town
  • They are looking to collate evidence and ideas to solve parking problems in Corby town centre
  • Main problems include lack of disabled spaces and commuters using residential areas to park during the day

A newly named neighbourhood forum for Corby town centre is asking for the support of residents, businesses and planning experts as it aims to put together a plan to solve parking problems in the area.

Centara, the neighbourhood association that was approved as an official forum less than two weeks ago, conducted a survey with residents in March and found that problems with parking in the town centre was a top concern.

Parking in the town centre is a problem that keeps coming up

Lyn Buckingham, Centara chair

The group offered a £25 gift voucher prize - won by Sheila Faner - to get contribute to the survey as part of a campaign to get more residents involved in their plans to make improvements to the town.

Lyn Buckingham, Centara chair, said: “Parking in the town centre is a problem that keeps coming up every year and it was one of the main issues raised during the March survey.

“There is a lack of disabled spaces and with it costing £10 a day to park in the area, people who work in the town centre end up leaving their cars in residential roads, clogging up traffic.

“So we are trying to come up with a plan to put to Northamptonshire County Council that will help, with things like proper long-stay car parking facilities, for example.

“We are calling on as many people as possible to get involved. We want to conduct surveys with town centre residents and business-owners about their opinions, and work with experts to cover all the different things that would need to be considered.

“As the majority of us in the forum are volunteers, we need to do a lot of research into what the plan would encompass, such as the environment, traffic, where more parking could physically go, and how it would fit into what’s already in the town. It’s a complete ‘ground-up’ project.”

The status of forum means the group now has more authority over shaping the local area, with a stronger role in deciding where there are problems and what should be done about them.

Although this plan - which is their first major project since achieving the status - could take up to two years to complete, if it is approved by the council they will also have some role in overseeing any potential construction.

Mrs Buckingham said: “We now need to collect plenty of evidence to show that there is a problem and come up with full ideas for solutions. To do this we need to work with the community, taking into account how to contribute to the vibrancy of the town.”

To contact Centara, email Mrs Buckingham directly at: