Corby mum upset at missing out on place at school on their doorstep

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A Corby parent has said it is “ludicrous” that her child has been unable to get a place at the school on their doorstep.

Julie Carew applied for a place at Corby Primary Academy for her daughter Jasmine for this September.

The school is in Butland Road and the family only live a fifth of a mile away, but to their disappointment they have been told the school is so oversubscribed there is no place for Jasmine, four.

Julie said: “We can see the school from our house, hear the children playing and see them walking to school.

“The other school where we live, Oakley Vale Primary School, is about a five or 10-minute walk.

“We were offered a school 1.5 miles’ walk away.

“The fact that we are so close to the school and can see it from our house is extremely frustrating.

“Surely part of attending school is also the social side, to encourage relationships outside of school.

“This is something that will be extremely hard for our child to do as her school friends will not live in the area.

“It has been hard to explain to her that she will not go to this school which we walk past on a regular basis.

“The county council has a Safer Routes to School scheme where they are encouraging children to walk or cycle to school.

“Surely giving someone an allocation to a school they will drive to will not help this or the ongoing issues with congestion and air quality?”

The family have appealed against the allocation but a decision has not yet been made.

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said: “We try our best to meet parental preference where possible and this year we received more than 9,000 applications in the first round of primary school applications.

“Despite growing pupil numbers in Northamptonshire, we were able to offer 97.7 per cent of families a place at one of their preferred schools.

“In this particular case, the family’s first choice primary school was oversubscribed and we therefore allocated places in accordance with the school’s oversubscription criteria.

“We have advised the family about adding their child’s name to their first choice school’s waiting list and we have provided the information they will need about how to appeal and/or reapply for a place at an alternative school.”