Corby mum lost 2st in weight after soft play centre nightmare

Sara Wilson, from Corby, before and after her weight loss
Sara Wilson, from Corby, before and after her weight loss

A Corby mum who lost weight to help her conceive returned several years later after becoming fearful of getting stuck in a soft play centre.

Sara Wilson, 30, from Corby, lost two stone with Slimming World after taking her four-year-old son George to a soft play centre and saying she was fearful of getting stuck, of rope bridges collapsing or of becoming trapped on a slide.

She said: “These play areas are amazing fun for children, but can be a nightmare for some parents.

“That moment when your child gets the courage to go further into the areas wanting to explore, but all you can see is tight spaces you may not get through, net bridges that may not take your weight, slide that have edges you may get stuck on.

“All I had ever wanted was to be a mummy and now my weight and health were preventing me doing all the things I had dreamed of doing with George.”

Sara suffered from polycistic ovaries and had lost weight with Slimming World to conceive George, but stopped going to group during her pregnancy. As her weight was now holding her back she knew it was time to go back to a group but this time it was going to be forever.

Sara said “I went online to find my nearest group and found one that I was able to attend every week.

“As I walked through the doors for the first time I was so scared, and as the nerves kicked in I thought about leaving but knew I never wanted to feel the way I had at soft play again, so I took a seat.

“I didn’t need to worry it was so warm and friendly, and my consultant made me feel at ease straight away. I sat through the new member talk trying to take it all in and remember thinking can I really eat all this and lose weight. I really enjoyed sitting through group listening to other member success and meal ideas, and was excited to start my journey.”

Sara’s weight loss has now lead to her dream job, helping others as a Slimming World Consultant. Contact her on 07584 077876 for more information or go along to her class every Wednesday at 3.30, 5.30 and 7.30pm at The Boat House, Balance Gym, Thurston Drive, Kettering.